Automation Testing Course Overview

This automation test engineer training program is designed to provide you with a complete knowledge of software testing technologies such as Selenium Web Driver, TestNG, Maven, AutoIT, Selenium Grid, Appium, and Docker to help you build a robust testing framework.


  • Get noticed by top companies through Floating Minds  Job Assist Program
  • Comprehensive blended learning program
  • 1 industry-aligned capstone project
  • 360 hours of Applied Learning
  • 15+ in-demand tools and skills
  • 14 lesson-end & 4 phase-end hands-on projects
  • Floating Minds Job Assist helps you get noticed by top hiring companies

Automation Testing Certification Advantage

Floating Minds Infotech’s Automation Test Engineer program provides extensive hands-on training in software development, testing, and quality assurance technology skills, including phase-end and capstone projects based on real business scenarios.

This comprehensive curriculum covers more than 15 automation testing tools and technologies to make your profile stand out as an Automation Test Engineer.

With this program, you will:
  • Learn core computer science concepts from leading industry experts with content structured to ensure industrial relevance
  • Build an end-to-end application and test it with exciting features
  • Earn an industry-recognized course completion certificate

FLoating Minds infotech's JOBASSIST PROGRAM

Floating Minds Infotech’s Job Assist Program is an India- specific offering, in partnership with FMI Jobs, to provide extended support for certified learners who are looking for a career change or just starting with their careers.

  • FMI Membership for 6 months
  • Resume assistance and career mentoring provided
  • Interview preparation and career fair support provided

Automation Testing Course Details

This Automation course offers a comprehensive curriculum using our unique Blended Learning approach to make you career-ready as an Automation Test Engineer upon successful completion of this Automation certification.


  • Welcome Class for Automation Test Engineer

    Get started with the Automation Test Engineer Program and explore everything about the program.

  • Phase-1: Implement software development and database fundamentals through agile

    Brush up on your knowledge of software development fundamentals; agile and scrum methodologies; Java and data structures; GIT to manage version control systems; SQL to maintain databases; and software testing to write test cases.

  • Phase-2: Get started with Functional Testing, TDD, and DevOps integration

    Familiarize yourself with automation testing technologies through tools like Jenkins, TestNg, Maven, JUnit 5, and Gherkin.

  • Phase-3: Test and monitor your applications through Non-functional and API Testing

    This phase will enable you to create a test plan, run test cases, analyze them, perform test execution, and monitor application performance using JMeter and Postman.

  • Phase-4: Learn mobile automation and cloud testing

    Automate your mobile automation test cases with Appium and deploy those in the cloud and DevOps environments using AWS and Docker.

  • Automation Test Engineer Capstone

    Automation test engineer Capstone project provides you with hands-on working experience — the objective being to develop the entire application from scratch, deploy it into a pseudo-production environment, and successfully test it.


  • Agile
  • Java
  • API Testing with Postman
  • TDD with TestNG
  • AWS
  • JDBC

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