Programme Overview

Key Highlights

  • Live Interactive Classes
  • Designed and Delivered by Industry Experts
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Practice Coding Questions
  • 5 Tools and Technologies
  • FMI Alumni Benefits


Best-in-class content delivered by industry leaders in the form of live lectures. 

Top Skills You Will Learn

Important Python Syntaxes, Logic Building for Programming, Programming using Python, Database Programming in Python using NumPy and Pandas libraries Database Programming in SQL.

Who Is This Program For?

Fresh Graduates, Managers, Engineers, Software and IT Professionals, Marketing & Sales Professionals, etc. who are beginners in programming

Minimum Eligibility

Interest in learning Python Programming is a must. The admission committee will review and shortlist relevant profiles.

Python Programming Bootcamp

Build expertise in one of the most powerful data science tools and earn an FMI powered certificate.

  • Earn a completion certificate by completing the course modules and attempting and clearing the practice questions.
  • Data Analysis using Excel
  • Recorded Module I: Python Basic Syntaxes and Data Structures
  • Recorded Module II: Python Programming Constructs and Functions
  • Live Session I: Python Crash Course – I – Developing Logic in Programming
  • Live Session II: Hands-on Session on Basic Python Syntaxes
  • Live Session III: Python Crash Course – II – Data Structures
  • Live Session IV: Hands-on Session on Data Structures
  • Live Session V: Python Crash Course – III: I/O, Error Handling and Best Practices, Functional Programming (filter, map, reduce, lambda)
  • Live Session VI: Hands-on Session on Functional Programming
  • Practice: 30 MCQs, 30 Coding Questions
  • Recorded Module I: Python for DS – Basic Database Programming using Pandas
  • Recorded Module II: Python for DS – Advanced Database Programming using Pandas
  • Live Session I: NumPy and Pandas – Walkthrough of major syntaxes
  • Live Session II: Manipulating Databases through Pandas & Built-in Functions
  • Practice: 20 MCQs, 15 Coding Questions
  • Recorded Module I: Basics of SQL – Databases, DDL, DML, Basic Syntaxes
  • Recorded Module II: Basics of SQL – Joins, Merges, Functions
  • Live Session I: Walkthrough of Major SQL Syntaxes
  • Live Session II: Hands-on on Major SQL Syntaxes and Doubt Resolution
  • Practice: 5 MCQs, 20 Coding Questions

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