How to Use LinkedIn Creator Mode What Advertisers Need to Know

Want to improve your content marketing on LinkedIn? Wondering if Creator Mode can help

In this article u will learn how to use LinkedIn Creator Mode on your profile to increase the visibility of content you create on LinkedIn

Why Use LinkedIn Creator Mode for LinkedIn Profiles ?

Creator Mode is a setting on LinkedIn personal profiles for members who regularly create content on the platform. It can be a helpful tool to grow your following, establish a presence on the platform, build a community, and get discovered by more of your ideal clients. According to LinkedIn there has been a 50% increase in conversations in the last year because users are creating more content to share and build conversations around.

Creator Mode will also change how your Activity section looks to someone who is viewing your profile. If your profile doesn’t have the Creator Mode on, the Activity section shows the four most recent actions you’ve taken on LinkedIn. With Creator Mode turned on the Activity section focuses more on the content you’re creating. The six pieces of activity shown below are all original posts rather than actions such as commenting on or liking someone’s content.

Choose Your Content Topics

When you turn on LinkedIn Creator Mode, you have the option to choose up to five topics you will be posting about on your profile. Start typing a topic and a list of suggested hashtags will appear. Choose the hashtags that are most relevant to what you will be posting.

These hashtags or topics will appear on your profile’s introductory card, below your headline or job title. The topics aren’t clickable at present.

Offer Your Take on LinkedIn News Highlights

To find out what news stories are popular on LinkedIn, check out the LinkedIn News section at the top right on desktop. These trending news stories will be based on your geographical area. If you see a relevant story, click on it to read more.

If you decide to share a trending news story with your network, make sure you explain why you’re sharing it and invite your network to join you in a conversation around the topic. To build your following as a creator, post up to four times a week on your personal profile. Invite your audience to contribute questions and ideas that you can create content around. LinkedIn polls can be a great tool for this

Share Content About Your Industry

If you want to become a recognized thought leader in your industry, you can attract followers by sharing relevant news about your industry on LinkedIn.

When you find a story to share, write a post about why you’re sharing the story and invite your followers to engage in the conversation by asking questions. You can tag people in the post who may be interested in joining the conversation.

When you turn on this feature for your profile, the content you create on the platform will be more prominently displayed and your CTA button will change from Connect to Follow You also have the option to add relevant hashtags to the top of your profile to signal the topics you post about most frequently on LinkedIn

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