How To Manage Your Email Campaigns for Ultimate Success

Are you wondering if now is the right time to pour more resources into email marketing? Or maybe you’re concerned with improving your current email marketing strategy and learning best practices to get better results. This article walks you through all you need to know, answering.

Set Leads Up For Success

The backbone of your email marketing campaigns isn’t your template or your content strategy it’s your contacts.

Establish a Cadence

There should be a good rhythm to your campaigns, meaning emails go out often enough to keep your brand top of mind and build trust without going out so often that your audience feels like they’re being inundated.

As you strategist, decide how often you want your emails to be sent. And from there, plan to track key conversions regularly so that you can tweak your cadence as needed. With a little bit of back and forth, you should be able to find a sweet spot that works best for both your purposes and the attention span of your readers.

Make Your CTA Clear

The point of an email is to take action, so don’t bury your CTA or make it difficult to pin down. If you want your subscribers to set up a demo, download another piece of content, or set up a call with one of your sales reps, let them know! By making the call-to-action clear as day (both in terms of copy and design), you increase the likelihood that more of your readers actually follow through.

If you’re using an email template, make sure the layout makes your CTA front and center. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your email template includes buttons or icons, which are eye-catching and can help increase your click-through-rate.

Initiate Your Campaigns and Track Results

Constant tracking is integral to email campaign success. Put your campaigns into motion and then track various metrics each week to determine their progress. Examine their click-through-rate, how often they are leading to sales calls, and whether or not they are being opened in the first place.

Be ready to make based on what you find. If you notice any negative patterns — such as your open rate decreasing, a lack of conversions, increased unsubscribes, or your venerability is suffering it’s a clear indication that something needs to change.

Audit Consistently

You should be doing a complete audit of your campaigns at least once a year. This helps ensure that you’re not sending out stale content and that you’re adapting if and when there are changes in your standard buyer’s journey.

When you audit, look for any dated content that you can replace with newer, more evergreen pieces. You may be able to just update the existing piece, though in some cases, you might find that it’s better to just start from scratch and create something new. Look broadly at the campaign itself to see if any emails should be omitted or switched up.

Each of the steps above will get you one step closer to a killer campaign. Do them all, and you should have no trouble hitting your performance goals.

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