Demand Generation’s Problem with Content Marketing

The single biggest hole in the content lineup of practically every client I have worked with is at the top of the funnel, which is your first chance to establish credibility and build trust. This is your opportunity to educate your prospective buyer about the implications of that problem they know they have but are not motivated to solve right now). If you show them you understand their pains and priorities, acknowledge the difficulty in changing the status quo, and above all provide advice that is helpful no matter whether they become a customer then when they are ready to buy they will remember you. They trust you, because you earned it.

Demand gen issues becoming more common and troublesome

Though many organizations can keep a good eye on what’s working and what’s not, such growth pains often incrementally hinder key aspects of our demand generation programs and infrastructure as well as those of marketing operations and sales.

Running demand programs is like playing a game of chess in which the rules change regularly. You have numerous specialized pieces and plays, all of which are interconnected. If anything is overlooked, it affects the entire team’s performance. It’s critical to be aware of growing demand gen problems and how to prevent, eliminate, or mitigate each of them.

Inability to execute ABM strategies

Account-based marketing (ABM) is more than a program or an account wish list. It’s a holistic B2B strategy that’s enabled by technology, data and integrated marketing and sales efforts. With so much focus on which accounts to target, the ABM efforts of many B2B marketers are falling short on identifying and engaging the right decision-makers within target accounts.

To ensure ABM strategies lead to substantial pipeline and revenue growth, B2B marketers must:

  • Centralize dynamic target-account list data pulled from numerous sources

  • Create a sophisticated content marketing plan to target and engage target-account decision-makers using branded content

  • Ensure decision-maker lead data is accurate and actionable

  • Match new contacts to accounts

  • Measure and optimize ABM program performance holistically, across numerous systems, from marketing automation to CRM to predictive

Executing these elements and more is no easy task. ABM technologies can help, but ensuring you have all the right steps in place is even more critical than investing in any supporting technologies. Martech won’t fix a bad strategy or misaligned set of processes.

Your Leads Aren’t Turning Into Customers

Maybe you’re generating a lot of engagement or a lot of web traffic, but not a whole lot of demand. In that case, there are a few things that could be happening. Your lists aren’t properly segmented. Instead of nurturing leads through email campaigns and remarketing, you’re getting too aggressive in your CTAs.

  • You’re not following up.

  • There’s a mismatch between search queries and your content.

  • Customers Are Churning Like Crazy

Effective demand generation depends on the understanding that just because a deal is closed, doesn’t mean their work is done. Marketing to your existing clients is just as important, a key ingredient in growing profits through upsells and cross-sells, as well as decreasing churn.


That said, if you are marketing to existing clients to no avail, you might have a persona problem or an issue with customer satisfaction. If that’s the case, start collecting feedback, interviewing customers, and monitoring brand mentions to identify what needs to be done to improve.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the right attribution models so you can track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and their role in nurturing customers and driving the sale forward

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